1. In these Conditions of Use:
    • “MCL documents” means any of the leases and other template documents in the MCL series of templates that are available from time to time to download from the website on which they are stored
    • “Drafting Group” means any of the individuals, partnerships and limited liability partnerships involved in writing or updating the MCL documents, including the partners, members and employees of any partnerships or limited liability partnerships comprised in the Drafting Group
  2. You may download, store and reproduce the MCL documents in any manner you wish, in whole or in part, free of charge, whether for business or personal use, on the basis set out in these Conditions of Use.
  3. Use of the MCL documents is at your own risk and it is your responsibility to ensure that any MCL documents that you use are suitable for the particular circumstances in which you propose to use them.
  4. The Drafting Group excludes all liability to you, and where appropriate your clients, for any losses, liabilities, damage or other consequences arising in any way from use of the MCL documents.
  5. The Drafting Group does not represent that the contents of the MCL documents, including the comments and suggestions within the footnotes of the MCL documents, are appropriate or sufficient for any particular transaction or that the MCL documents reflect, or will be kept up to date to reflect, current law or practice relating to commercial property transactions in England and Wales.