What are the MCL documents?

The Model Commercial Lease (MCL) comprises a family of templates for commercial leases and associated documents.  They are freely available for anyone – landlords, tenants or others – to download from this website, without charge.

Users can then customise them to their particular requirements, or incorporate text from them into their own documents.

What versions of the lease are available?

What other documents are available?

Who wrote the MCL documents?

Will the MCL documents be kept up to date?

Are the MCL documents drafted in favour of landlords?

Do I have to retain the logo on the MCL documents?

Do I have to pay to use the MCL documents?

Can I copy the MCL documents onto my own computer system?

How will I know if the MCL documents have been updated?

Can I use the MCL documents as the starting point for my own precedent documents, and amend or delete the wording in places?

Can I use the text from the MCL documents within automated document drafting systems?

Does the MCL lease comply with the Code for Leasing Business Premises?

Will old versions of the MCL documents be retained?

What do if I do if I wish to comment on one of the MCL documents?