On this page you will find guidance to help you become familiar with the MCL documents, and links to information prepared by third parties (some of which may require a subscription).


MCL User Guidance Note

MCL’s compliance with the Code for Leasing Business Premises (2007)


Guide to the formatting and styles in the Model Commercial Lease


MCL changes – February 2024

MCL changes – September 2022

MCL changes – June 2021

MCL changes – April 2019

MCL changes – February 2018

MCL changes – July 2016

MCL changes – June 2015 


Code for leasing business premises

Service charge code

Protocol for applications for consent to assign or sublet (alienation protocol)

Protocol for applications for consent to carry out alterations (alterations protocol)

Green Lease Toolkit | Better Buildings Partnership

The Better Buildings Partnership’s Green Lease Toolkit has been drafted to fit within the Model Commercial Lease of part of an office building in force on 29 January 2024 (version 1.6). At this stage the MCL Committee has made no decision on whether to adopt any of the new Toolkit’s drafting in the MCL.


These articles are reproduced with the kind permission of Estates Gazette

Article by Michael Callaghan, Warren Gordon and Dion Panambalana on Why the Model Commercial Lease is an industry role model (September 2022)

Article by Peter Williams on launch of Model Commercial Lease (12 July 2014)

Article by Sue Highmore comparing different types of commercial lease (27 September 2014) – this is a link to the EGi website available irrespective of whether you have a subscription to EGi

Article from the RICS Property Journal March/April 2019